eMpower is the charitable leg of BKC Advisors Pvt. Ltd. which conducts and engages in CSR activities. This leg was initiated by Dr. Madhavi Chaturvedi after witnessing the dreadful repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic which hampered several businesses and rendered several people unemployed. With its presence all over India, it works towards providing help by way of connecting people looking for employment, with businesses or organizations that need workforce.

With the goal of making everyone self sufficient, eMpower aims to help people from all backgrounds ranging from qualified persons to local artisans, tailors and even several differently abled people.

If any person is aware of people looking for a job or of a job vacancy or employment opportunity, the necessary details may be emailed to [email protected]. The details will be circulated in various help groups and anyone aware of a job opportunity can assist in placing them.

Let’s do our bit by connecting people together!